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Business Areas

The Constantia Woods & Decoratives division houses the production and processing of wood fibre board and chipboard, the manufacturing of laminated materials and the production of numerous components for the automotive, con- struction and furniture industry. Based on an Austria-focussed production network and a strong presence in neighbouring core markets, additional international mar- kets are systematically and gradually developed. Further successful divisional product launches in international markets will achieve a further globalisation of the production network.

The Constantia Energy & Technical Components division covers the production of electric and thermal insulation systems for the construction of machinery and generators. The production programme ranges from high-grade insulation material - manufactured to a large degree from primary materials produced in this division - to high-precision parts for special applications and pre-pregs to decorative foils for the interior lining of aircraft and high-speed trains.

The Constantia Sports division is composed of companies producing component parts from high-grade plastics for the skiing, snowboard, record, automotive, con- struction, sports and leisure industries.



  • image description 1969
    Constantia Industrieholding AG is founded under Constantia Industrieverwaltungs-
    gesellschaft m.b.H.
  • image description 1984
    Iso-Holding AG is founded
  • image description 1986
    Constantia Industrieholding AG goes public at the Vienna Stock Exchange
  • image description 1994
    into Constantia-Iso AG and
    Constantia Verpackungen AG
  • image description 1995
    Launch of Constantia-Iso AG at the Vienna Stock Exchange
  • image description 2004
    Delisting of Constantia-Iso AG, name change to Constantia Industries AG
  • image description 2006
    Takeover of MASA-Decor-Group and merger of Letron GmbH and MASA-Decor-Group
    into impress decor GmbH
  • image description 2007
    Launch of biomass power plant St. Veit/Glan
  • image description 2008
    Commissioning of FunderMax heat exchange press in St.Veit/Glan
  • image description 2010
    Spin off of ISOVOLTAIC AG as a sister company of Constantia Industries AG
  • image description 2013
    Disposal of impress group


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